MTB economics: South Lake Tahoe sees boost from mountain-bike tourism

Bike Coalition Board Members helped organize and spoke at a Tahoe Talk on Bike Tourism in May of 2015. At the forum, the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority showed great interest in gathering more data on the economic benefits of bike tourism. The momentum continues to build and the effort appears to be moving forward.



Excerpt from Oct. 6, 2015 Tahoe Daily Tribune article:

The lakeside tourism spot has long been known for its beauty, along with gaming and casinos amenities. Community efforts to improve the area’s singletrack, along with a recreation-focused marketing push from Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority (LTVA), shows a mountain town intent on tourism diversification.

“From the active lifestyle that we promote, as part of our culture and our brand, cycling fits in really nicely,” said Carol Chaplin, executive director of LTVA.

LTVA currently uses images of cycling to attract visitors in marketing campaigns. Though it’s hard to quantify how much money mountain-bike tourism brings to the area, market research is currently being conducted. Chaplin also stressed the importance of continued work to improve bike-focused resources to grow the tourism segment.

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