Tahoe Bike Challenge returns for first two weeks of June

The Tahoe Bike Challenge returns from June 1 to 14, bringing back the friendly competition to see who can replace the most car trips with trips by bicycle. Every year for two weeks, instead of driving, hundreds of Tahoe residents and visitors ride their bikes to work, school, and for fun. Participants in the Bike Challenge track their miles and join the friendly competition.

“What makes this year’s Bike Challenge so exciting is how Tahoe’s schools are getting more involved than ever,” said Nanette Hansel, co-chair for the Tahoe Bike Challenge and board member of the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition. “On both the north shore and south shore, we have been seeing a dramatic increase in the number of students participating in ride-to-school events, and this year could be the best ever for youth participation.”

Many of Tahoe’s elementary and middle schools coordinate safe rides to school during the Bike Challenge. Each day, parents and community volunteers check in students who rode or walked, with prizes provided to students for their bicycling achievements.

“The students really get excited about their rides to school,” said Gianna Leavers, a leader with the Community Mobility Group, who provides coordination support to school leaders and teachers each year for the Bike Challenge.

South Tahoe Middle School will host a day-long bicycle skills clinic for students, with volunteers from the Community Mobility Group and the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition.

“The Tahoe Bike Challenge is also an opportunity for adults to start the biking season off strong. One of the most fun parts of the Challenge is seeing the friendly competition among teams, which are most often organized around workplaces. We encourage everyone to challenge themselves to organize a team where you work by registering and recording their bicycle trips with our online system,” said Morgan Beryl, who co-chairs the Tahoe Bike Challenge in a dual role as a senior transportation planner with the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and as an advisory board member with the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition.

Information on the Tahoe Bike Challenge can be found at tahoebikechallenge.org, including details on how to register as a team or as an individual, and how to log miles ridden during the Challenge.

“Tahoe has world-class bike trails and bike routes, which makes it fun and easy for people to participate in the Challenge,” said Hansel. “That said, we want everyone to enjoy their ride and arrive at their destination safely. People can find tips on safe riding at the Bike Coalition’s website at tahoebike.org/bike-safety. And if someone wants to find a route to their school or work using the best bike route, they can use use our turn-by-turn biking direction tools on our interactive online map at tahoebike.org/map.”


Each year, a group of community members from many organizations, agencies and jurisdictions join together to organize the Tahoe Bike Challenge, led by the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. Learn more at tahoebikechallenge.org.