How to use our map

improveWe designed the interactive bike map for Lake Tahoe because we wanted people biking around Tahoe to have a convenient tool that provides bike path directions and bike shop and bike parking information. At the same time, our new map offers an opportunity for community input through the “Improve this Map” features.

  1. Take control. The control box in the bottom right let’s you control what you view on the map, such as the location of bike shops around the Tahoe/Truckee region.
  2. Improve the map. Use the “Improve the Map” option to tag the map. Is our map missing a bike rack? Tag it!
  3. Report problems. Submit a report on anything that slows you down on your bike: potholes in your bike path, construction zones, missing bike route connections and much more.

The Bike Coalition developed the new interactive, online map with support from the Tahoe Regional Transportation Agency and their On Our Way small grants program. The Bike Coalition collaborated with Blinktag, a transportation and planning technology firm, to create the interactive mapping tool.