Tahoe Bike Month


Bike to Work, School and Play in Tahoe every year for the whole month of June.


As usual, Bike Month will kick off with a bike path cleanup in South Lake Tahoe on June 1st.

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Check out our Bike Prep video and get your bike ready to ride!


Many places celebrate Bike Month in May, but we have been snowed out too many times. For the month of June, the Bike Coalition and our partners encourage everyone living in and visiting Tahoe to ride their bikes – for the first time of the year or more than usual – in June. We conduct a bike path cleanup on the South Shore to kick if off on June 1st and we provide bike prizes like lights and bells to volunteers that ride to other community cleanups and events. 

The Bike to School aspect takes place over the first two weeks of June and includes days when we encourage students to bike to school where we tally the number of riders and give out bike safety prizes. We also put on Bike Rodeos to help students learn or improve bike riding skills and teach basic riding safety and bike safety skills. 

The whole community gets engaged as local businesses provide incentives for their employees and guests who ride their bike to the business. The Bike Coalition provide Bike Valets (like a coat check, but for your bike) at events to encourage riding. And everyone is encouraged to take part in the Bike Challenge.



The Tahoe Bike Challenge happens annually around Tahoe throughout June.  It’s a fun and free competition to encourage your friends and colleagues to experience firsthand the joys and benefits of riding a bike anywhere and any time. There are lots of fantastic prizes. 


  • You and your friends compete against other teams of up to 10 people
  • The aim is to earn the most points.
  • Points are earned by:
    • riding
    • and getting other people to ride too.
  • You can ride anywhere, anytime between June 1 – 30 to take part.

The Challenge is not just about who can ride the most miles, but also who can encourage the most people to give bicycling a try.



We are revamping our ride tracking tool for 2022. Check back soon or click enter your email here to be notified when the tracker is live, and of other Bike Month events.